Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+

Kids are curious about the world around them, and they want to have fun. What better way to engage their curiosity than by giving them fun and easy-to-use tools to explore their world? Wappsto:bit brings the world of sensors and data collection to your kids. There’s no telling what adventure they’ll embark on as you enable them to become young data scientists.


Which kind of experiments can you do?

That depends on your creativity and the sensors you have available.

  • Are you cold at night? You can measure the temperature in your room overnight and see if the temperature changes
  • Does your dog snore? You can measure how often there’s a loud sound by your dog’s bed
  • Is the apple tree getting enough water? You can measure the humidity in the soil by the tree and see how it changes depending on the weather
  • How much CO2 is in the classroom and what happens when you open the window?
Wappsto:bit works directly out of the box
  1. Plug your micro:bit into the Wappsto:bit
  2. Tell which sensor data to send using Wappsto building blocks in Microsoft MakeCode
  3. Your micro:bit automatically connects to the internet and your data is saved
  4. The world is your playground, go on an adventure and experiment!

SLX Wappsto:bit is an extension board for the BBC micro:bit, which connects the micro:bit to the cloud so you can view collected data and otherwise interact with your micro:bit. Wappsto:bit opens up a world of new possibilities for fun and educational projects with your micro:bit.

To get started you’ll need
  • A BBC micro:bit (v1 eller v2, sold separately)
  • Extra sensors only makes it more fun (sold separately)
  • SIM card with data subscription if you use the NB-IoT or NB-IoT+ versions outside of Wi-Fi range
You get all this with Wappsto:bit
  • Easy setup by scanning a QR code
  • Drag-and-drop programming using MicroSoft MakeCode
  • You choose which sensor data to send and when, and it’s automatically sent to the cloud
  • Secure connection with encrypted data transfer
  • It’s easy to make graphs to explore your data in your personal dashboard
  • Data can easily be exported to a spreadsheet
  • Subscription to Wappsto by Seluxit (not including mobile data) with up to 1.000.000 free measurements a month (plenty for most adventures!)
  • With the NB-IoT version you can send data outside Wi-Fi range
  • With the NB-IoT+ version you can also map your sensordata using GPS
  • You can use a laptop or powerbank for power
Wappsto:bit is available in 3 versions, depending on your chosen adventure
  • SLX Wappsto:bit Basic with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • SLX Wappsto:bit NB-IoT with the above, as well as connectivity via 5G NB-IoT
  • SLX Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+ with all the above plus GPS

With Wappsto:bit Basic, you can send data through your home Wi-Fi network. With the NB-IoT versions, you can also connect using a SIM card and the 5G standard NB-IoT. That makes it possible to take your experiments out on the go, using for example a powerbank. With the NB-IoT+ version, you also have GPS so you can see on a map where your data has been collected.

Important: Wappsto:bit does NOT include a BBC micro:bit nessecary for use!

If you don’t already have a BBC micro:bit, you’ll need to purchase one separately.

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