OpenMote B


OpenMote B is the Natural evolution of the Telos B. Designed in Berkeley. It has more than 10 years of experience of “motes” to support The Open protocol stacks for the IoT.

Main characteristics

Ti CC2538 SoC (512kb Flash 32kb RAM)

Atmel AT86RF215 SubGHz Radio (868/915MHz)

Supports all IEEE802.15.4g modulations.

Simultaneous dual radio Operation


Additional information

OpenMote B is an Ultra Low-power board to develop IoT applications in the industrial space. It is the reference for the IETF 6TiSCG Working Group and is supported by the most relevant Open Source 6TiSCG implementation including the Contiki NG and OpenWSN projects. (Antennas not included)


Programming over BSL

Supported in Contiki and OpenWSN for IETF6TiSCH experimentation

JTAG and OCD compliant

USB Interface

Technical characteristics:

Temperature, relative humidity sensors

4x Leds indicators

2xAA Battery placeholder

2.4GHz SMA Antenna

SubGHz SMA Antena


* The consumption depends on the functionality and connectivity of the device.


Build an IoT network

(Industrial) Internet of Things

OpenMote B is a Raspberry compatible IoT harware in compliance with the standard IEEE802.15.4g and it can be programmed by Open Source platforms.

Based on FreeRTOS kernel you can configure the OpenMote network according at your needs. There is also possible to configure an IoT aplication using Open Source software which is called “contiki” (




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