M-Duino PLC 54ARA+ I/Os


M-DUINO PLC Arduino Ethernet 54ARA I/Os Analog / Digital PLUS

29 Inputs
25 Outputs

Communications: RTC, µSD, Ethernet, USB, Full/Half Duplex RS485, RS232, I2C, Modbus

Additional information

Inputs (Arduino Mega included)

– 29 Inputs:

(14x) Analog Inputs (0-10Vdc, 10bit) / Digital Inputs (7-24Vdc) configurable by software.

(9x) Isolated Digital Inputs (7-24Vdc)

(6x) Interrupt Inputs (7-24Vdc). “Can work like Digital Input (24Vdc)

Outputs (Arduino Mega included)

– 25 Outputs:

(8x) Relay Outputs (220Vac – 5A)

(8x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit) / Digital (5-24Vdc) Outputs and PWM.

(9x) Digital Outputs (Isolated 24Vdc max)


– (1x) Ethernet port.

– (1x) USB port (type B).

– (1x) I2C port. (Interface with other Industrial Shields, sensors, I/Os modules)

– (3x) TTL ports.

– (1x) RS-232 port.

– (1x) HALF/FULL Duplex RS-485 port.

– (1x) SPI external port (Using MOSI,MISO, SS pins of Arduino)

– TCP IP / Modbus TCP. / Modbus RTU

– WebServer capacity

– Industrial Protocols

Other technical specifications

RTC (Real Time Clock. NOTE: I2C port used. See pinout modification)

µSD Socket (using SPI port, chip select D53 pin).

DIN Rail mounting.

Max consum.: 1.2A

Flash Memory: 256kB (8kB for bootloader)



Clock Speed: 16MHz

*Rx,Tx pins are not available using RS485. For SPI you need to choose another pin for Select Function (You can choose, SDA, SCL, Rx, Tx, Pins of Arduino)



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