In workplaces, temperature and relative humidity must be kept at a comfort zone by law. In this particular case, the warehouse temperature must be 23-27ºC in summer and 17-24ºC in winter, with typical value of 23ºC. Relative humidity must be within 30-70% around the year, with typical value of 50%. The temperature and humidity ranges must be controlled automatically and sensors […]

How Otto was born? And why is it called Otto?

How multiple generations of robots and iterations, eventually transformed into Otto Open Source Hardware inspiration​ #OSHWA It is not much of a mystery from where Camilo Parra Palacio the creator of Otto got the inspiration ; we always make sure to give the appropriate credits to Otto ancestors as we expected successors to do the same to […]

OpenMote launches new branding and website!

At OpenMote technologies we have been very busy last few month expanding our business. Today we are happy to announce the launch of our new website and platform. For many years we have been developing OpenMote nodes to support the community. Today we are taking one step forward to further develop the opensource ecosystem. From […]