About openmote

OpenMote technologies was born at the UC Berkeley in 2012. This was our first open hardware contribution to enable the development of open-source standards and promote the use of such technologies for research and education purposes. At that time, We were working at the OpenWSN.org project and we felt that current hardware platforms were obsoleted or they were not helping us much on our task of developing and implementing new open source standards. We put all our experience on it, in order to facilitate stack developments, debugging and prototyping. The first result was the OpenMote concept, a modular, extensible and robust open hardware prototyping platform around which we developed tools and documentation in order for others to benefit from our work.

In 2021, we decided to move one step forward, and with our experience further promote the development of the open hardware and software community for professional and educational purposes. That’s why we partnered with world-class companies with the aim of empowering people to get accessible technologies through the use Open source hardware and software. We have handpicked a group of open source hardware projects to successfully design, build and code robots, industrial applications, computers and IOT applications.